My good friend is expecting a baby boy due in March so to honor her and her little one, I made her a bunch of goodies! Since her shower was today, I can now safely share her gift with you.

A jacket:

Reversible Zippy Hoodie



I was originally going to buy her something cute from her registry, but I spotted these foxes while I was shopping for flannel for T and it called out her name! The jacket is the Reversible Zippy Hoodie from Kitschy Coo Patterns. I’m moderately pleased with the outcome. The pattern is relatively straight-forward, but it’s a little finicky especially in the smaller sizes. Most of my dissatisfaction comes from the fact that somewhere in the shuffle of switching between feet, I misplaced my edge-stitching foot so the top-stitching looks pretty crappy after I lost it. The pattern works for knits or wovens, but both versions require ribbing. Since I was working with a pretty heavy twill for the outer shell it meant switching needles a few times. When I installed the zipper, I should have switched from a jersey needle to a blue-jean needle at the seam, but instead I sewed the whole thing with the denim needle. This was a mistake since it split the ribbing. I mended it and gifted it. I’m not sure I’ll be making this as a woven jacket again anytime soon. As an extra-special touch I hand embroidered their last initials in a monogram style in stem-stitch. This way, if they have another baby someday, that kid can use it too.

A blanket:



It’s nothing special just a 40″ x 40″  almost square, but I mitered the corners which I feel is a nice touch. It should be good for swaddling, dragging around, burping, and tummy time. I used the second part of this tutorial to do the corners.

And a little crinkle toy:

Crinkle Tag Toy

I had a rather large scrap of the fox fabric left after I cut the square for the blanket, so I decided to make a crinkle tag toy. Babies really like things that rustle and crinkle and rubbing different textures, so I think he’d like it. Heck, T was pretty wild to get at it and she’s well out of the gumming and drooling phase. If y’all are interested I can put together a tutorial on how to make one of these. They’re super easy and a big hit at baby showers.

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