I’m not feeling very inspired lately. I go through these cycles of creativity where I’ll spend a few months or so hyper productive and then a few months not getting much done. When I look at how much I created this Summer, Fall, and Winter I’m blown away. I sewed two Sorbettos, a Moneta, a Butterick 5982, 3 dresses for T, 4 night gowns for T, knit my first sweater, knit my first top, began the purple monster, knit T a coat, knit 4 pairs of mittens, 4 hats, 2 pairs of booties, a baby sweater, a cowl, and a lace shawl. I also sewed a tea cozy for my step mother-in-law and made hot sauce to give to people for the winter holidays. I’ve got a bunch of things on the needle, a challah cover in the hoop, and some ideas for new garments brewing, but I’m not very excited about any of it. I’ve got a case of the blahs. In the mean-time I’ll be over here playing the Sims. There’s drama a-foot!

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