For the past few years Andi Satterlund and Lauren of Lladybird have been hosting the Outfit Along. The rules are simple: in two months you must create a knitted garment and a sewn garment that you feel constitute an outfit. I decided to participate because, duh, I have a stash of fabric waiting to be sewn and yarn waiting to be knitted and this would spur me to act on that. So without further ado, I give you the finished outfit:

Cardigan and Dress

The cardigan is Vianne by Andi Satterlund and was the featured knitting patter for this -Along. I usually only follow rules if it suits me and this time it did. I like the way the cropped cardigan emphasizes my waist and works with a variety of dress shapes. I also love the lace, it reminds me of an Art Deco fountain.

Cardigan and Dress

For the dress, I opted not to go for the featured sewing pattern. Instead I sewed up the Adelaide Dress from Seamwork Magazine. One thing I love about sewing is that it’s challenges are completely different from all the other crafts I do. If you’d told me when I was in school, how math dependent all my hobbies would be as a grown-up I’d’ve thought you were crazy. Sewing for myself is one part intuition, one part algebra, and one part geometry. I started at the shoulders with a size 20, grading out to a 22 at the bust and a 24/26 at the waist and the I added an additional inch – inch and a half at the hip and continued that line down parallel to the pattern’s line. I ended up with a dress that preserves the design lines while skimming over my pronounced belly and wide hips.

Seamwork Adelaide

Since making this dress, I’ve been noticing women in blue and white striped dresses everywhere. When we were out in Manhattan for our anniversary, we were seated across the subway from a woman in a fit and flare silhouette of the same fabric I was wearing and I counted 3 others as we went around town. I spotted a whole lot of other women wearing either shift dresses or shirt dresses too. It made me feel really great to be on-trend. This isn’t counting all the women I’ve spotted around DC wearing similar things. DC tends to march to it’s own preppy drummer though.

Cardigan and Dress

What’s everyone wearing where you live?

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